Kevin Smith Obituary, Kevin Smith Died At 60

Kevin Smith Obituary, Death – The individual who was fatally shot by a homeowner on the south side of the city of Columbus after purportedly trespassing on the homeowner’s property has been identified by the Columbus police department as the individual was killed by the homeowner. According to the reports of the police in the Southern Orchards neighborhood located on the 600 block of East Whittier Street on Saturday, a man named Kevin J. Smith, who was 60 years old, was fatally shot and died. The incident took place on Saturday.

According to the police, officers were called to a residence just after six o’clock in the evening in response to a report of trespassing. The incident reportedly occurred at the residence. A second call was made to the police station while they were on their way, indicating that the man had been shot by the homeowner of the home. This information was received while they were on their way. Around 6:30 in the evening, a medical examiner who was there made the determination that Smith was no longer alive.

There has been no success in determining who the homeowner is. The investigation that was carried out by the Columbus Police Department will be reviewed by the prosecutor’s office in Franklin County, which will then decide whether or not criminal charges should be issued as a result of the findings. Please contact the Columbus Police Department at the number (614) 645-4730 if you have any information on the incident that occurred earlier today.