Keith Sales Obituary, Snainton Football Club Member Has Died

Keith Sales Obituary, Death – We, the members and staff of the Snainton Football club, are profoundly grieved to learn of the demise of Keith Sales, and we offer our sympathies to his family and friends. We will miss him greatly. He will be greatly missed by all of us. We are going to suffer a great deal from his absence.

Keith always made time for whoever needed it, and he took a genuine interest in how all of the local teams and players were doing over the years, providing regular reports each and every week reporting their progress. In addition, Keith was always willing to listen to anyone who needed it. In addition to this, Keith showed a sincere interest in the development of all of the local enterprises during the course of their existence.

In addition to this, Keith was always happy to offer the time of day to anyone who had anything to say in order to listen to what they had to say and give them the opportunity to express what they had to say. Because of his departure, the local football community and the Beckett League in particular will take a huge hit, and the league will be significantly altered as a result, as there will be a significant void in the fabric of the league. When compared to how things were in the past, there are a great deal fewer well-known people who are still around and in good health now. This man is one of the exceptions.