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Keegan Miller Obituary, Death- Keegan Miller, one of our first-grade students, passed away yesterday, and the news of his passing has left all of us in New London with a heavy heart this morning. The AEA Crisis Response Team is assisting us in our efforts to support students as they navigate this difficult time, and they will continue to do so in the days and weeks ahead.

Today, the students in first grade are going on a field trip, and when they get back at the end of the day, they will be notified about a classmate who has been absent. When they are informed, there will be teachers, counselors, administrators, and AEA staff members available to provide support, and someone will be present for as long as is required. The awful events that occur affect every one of us in our own unique ways. The manner in which children will cope with this occurrence will be determined by factors such as their developmental level, the nature of their relationships with others who have been affected, the number of times they have suffered a loss in the past, and their individual perspectives about death.

We must prepare ourselves for a wide range of feelings and actions, make an effort to comprehend them, and learn to accept them. Supporting one another and promoting open dialogue about the events, our reactions, and potential solutions to the problem are two of the most vital things that any of us might do in this situation. I am not familiar with either the child or his family in this picture. I can’t even begin to fathom what they must be going through right now. This is something that weighs particularly heavily on my heart since there is a very precious little child in my life who suffers from epilepsy.

If you could spare ten or twenty dollars, I’m sure they’d be thankful for your help. My full attention, as well as my thoughts and prayers, are with this young man’s family and the people of New London. Sweet Keegan was set to go on a school trip with his first-grade class on the morning of April 27, 2023; but, instead of going on the trip, he went to heaven. The family of Keegan will be responsible for paying for the unforeseen costs associated with his funeral. Despite having epilepsy, he never stopped smiling and seemed to take pleasure in the few years he had left. He will be leaving behind his grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, stepfather, and younger brother. Click Here To View Keegan Miller GoFund Me Obituary.