Karen Mosmeyer Obituary, Death Notice of Karen Mosmeyer

Karen Mosmeyer Obituary, Death – Friends and family members of Karen Mosmeyer’s family have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was one of the victims of the tornado that tore through Cole, Oklahoma. Family members, both near and more distantly related to Karen Mosmeyer, have verified this information.

The previous Wednesday evening, when she was found in a severe condition at her apartment between Cole and Dibble, Karen was able to tell her son how much she loved and appreciated having her children and grandkids in her life.

Her son is said to have discovered her in that location and is quoted as adding that he brought her inside after carrying her. As she was being transported to the hospital in the ambulance, Karen had a fatal heart attack, and she passed away shortly after getting there in order to obtain treatment for her condition.

The people in the neighbourhood where Karen lived had a great deal of affection for her, and now that she is deceased, those who are still there are mourning the loss of their neighbour. Her departure from the group has directly caused them to suffer a great loss. Her viewing will take place at the location in Blanchard listed below on the Saturday following the viewing, or April 29.