Josef Binter Obituary, Murrieta Bicyclist Killed In Fatal SUV Crash Identified

Josef Binter Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, the identity of the Murrieta resident who was riding a bicycle when he was involved in a collision with the rear end of an SUV that was idling at the time of the accident was made public. The man died as a result of his injuries. The age of the victim, in years, was 73.

The incident that took place on Whitewood Road close to the north of Poinsettia Street was the cause of Josef Binter’s death, as stated by the Murrieta Police Department. Binter’s passing occurred late on Sunday night. According to the organization, Binter was riding his bike on Whitewood in the direction of the northbound traffic lane at approximately 7:50 p.m. when he entered the junction, and it appears that he did not see the Chevrolet SUV that was stopped at the curbside.

According to reports, the woman, who was 37 years old at the time, pulled over in order to check on her little child who was riding in the rear seat of the vehicle. It was not obvious whether or not she had her hazard lights on, nor was it plain whether or not her brake lights were on. Neither of these things was clear. The police said in a statement that the incident took place when a person with the last name “Binter” “moved through the intersection at Poinsettia and struck the rear of the parked SUV.”

The rider was knocked off his horse and landed on the ground in the middle of the road. This accident did not result in any injuries for the driver or her child in any way. The employees from Murrieta Fire & Rescue responded to the location of the incident within a couple of minutes and made attempts to save the victim’s life; however, they were unable to do so, and he was pronounced dead at the scene less than ten minutes after they arrived.