Jordan Blake Obituary, American Vocalist, Lead Vocalist Of A Skylit Drive Band Has Died

Jordan Blake Obituary, Death – Jordan Blake, the original lead singer of the post-hardcore band A Skylit Drive as well as the lead singer of several other projects, has died. He’s also visited Ann Arbor, Trances, and Watch Out! Ghosts and Speak of the Devil are two examples. Jordan Blake is a pioneer of high-pitched clean vocals coupled with screaming in the post-hardcore music industry.

Jordan Blake was born on June 20, 1986, in Lodi, California. He has two siblings: a brother and a sister. Jordan Blake began working at A Skylit Drive in 2007. He appeared on the show She Watched the Sky. Jordan appears in the music video for the album’s first single, “Drown The City.” Jordan announced his retirement from A Skylit Drive in 2007 owing to health issues. Jordan Blake and Joshua Stotts formed Watchout! after leaving ASD. There are spirits in the house.

The band signed with Rise Records in 2007 and released the single album “Ghost Town” on the label. There was just one music video released by the band, for their song “The Shakeup.” The band had planned to release a second album titled “Ghost Town 2.0” in 2012, but it never happened. Trances were created by Jordan Blake and D.J. Blackard, who issued one EP titled “The Alphament” on their own.

Speak of the Devil was created in 2012 by Jordan Blake and Joey Wilson (ex-guitarist of A Skylit Drive). Joey Wilson quit the band shortly after “American Whore Story” was released. Michael Vargas, Secrets (a post-hardcore band), Zak Elliott, and Emmure joined the band in 2014. They only released one single “Change” with this lineup. Jordan assembled an undefined amount of musicians to form the band Eleven. The band uploaded many demos on Soundcloud in 2020 and presented an unreleased music video from 2018. “Unreleased track” was the title of the music video.