John Murry Obituary, Donnelly College President Has Passed Away

John Murry Obituary, Death – Dr. John Murry, who had previously served as president of Donnelly College and held that position from 1987 until 1998, passed away on Thursday, April 20, 2023. He served in that capacity from 1987 until 1998. We are really sorry to have to break this news to you, but it is what it is. Dr. Murry was an extraordinarily skilled and driven leader at Donnelly College, and his influence on the college was enormous. His leadership had a significant impact on the institution.

Not only was he well-liked by the people who lived in Donnelly, but also by the Benedictine Sisters of Mount St. Scholastica, who were instrumental in the foundation of the community. He enjoyed a high level of popularity in both of these groups. Msgr. Stuart Sweetland, who served as the president of Donnelly at the time, made the observation that Dr. John Murry was a man of unshakable faith. “Dr. John Murry was a man of faith who had a strong conviction that he could never abandon,” Dr. Murry was a man who possessed all of the attributes that are associated with a true Catholic educator and a gentleman. He was a man who exemplified these virtues to the fullest. He was a brilliant scholar, a strong leader, and a family man who was devoted to his responsibilities. He was a man of responsibility.

His dedication to the values of Catholic higher education, his family, and his faith stood out as the most important components of his life, especially when compared to the other aspects listed below. He had a personal compassion for individuals who were in need, regardless of their circumstances, and he was motivated by a passion for our mission to serve those who may not otherwise be helped if we did not do what we do. He was inspired by a passion for our vocation to serve those who might not otherwise be helped if we did not do what we do. Dr. Murry was a man of exceptional humility who had also accomplished a great deal in his life. He was well known for both of these qualities. I am putting my faith in his ability to pray to God on behalf of Donnelly College, and I encourage you to do the same. I am placing my hope in his ability to pray to God on behalf of the college.