John Keys Obituary, Longtime Member Of Buffalo Springs Lake Fire Department Has Died

John Keys Obituary, Death – An earlier passing of one of our most senior and long-serving members has left the Buffalo Springs Fire and Rescue crews bereft of one of our most senior and long-serving members. It is with a heavy heart that I must break this news to you today. John Keys Sr. exited this world yesterday after a very brief bout with an illness that he had been battling. Today, the first responders of Buffalo Springs, as well as the community of Buffalo Springs and the first responders of Lubbock County, are mourning the death of a person who spent his entire life to assisting other people in need.

The residents of the area lovingly referred to him as “Senior,” and he had served his nation in the United States Marine Corps, worked as a firefighter for a living, and also volunteered his time to fight fires. Over the course of the past few years, he has turned his concentration from running a hose to passing his lifetime’s worth of knowledge and expertise to a group of young firefighters in the hopes that they may one day become old firefighters.

His goal is for them to become old firefighters. He would frequently retort to younger men who had the audacity to make fun of him by stating, “I was kicking in doors when you were in diapers, and I’ll still be kicking in doors when you’re too old, too.” This was his go-to line of defense whenever someone dared to make fun of him. Senior, I hope you may find some solace in this. There are a lot of individuals who will miss having you there. I truly hope that while the rest of us are holding the line here, you are busy destroying doors and eating crayons. In the meantime, we’ll be waiting here.