John Grube Obituary, DPS Identifies John Grube As Victim In Crash Involving Train

John Grube Obituary, Death – John Edward Grube, 86 years old, of Frisco, was recognized as the man who passed away on Wednesday as a result of a crash that resulted in a secondary collision with a train.

The incident occurred in Texas and prompted a secondary collision. During the moment of the collision, he did not have a seatbelt on his body. On April 19, at approximately 8:18 in the morning, state police were dispatched to the area of Murphy Street and Business 20 in response to an incident that included a train and a truck that had been disabled on the railroad tracks.

According to the statements made by investigators, Grube was operating a Honda Odyssey in the direction of westbound traffic on Murphy when he failed to give the right of way to the driver of a Ford F-250 who was attempting to turn left onto Business 20.

Following the first incident that occurred between the two cars, the Ford ended up coming to a stop on the railway tracks. Jesus Guadalupe Laredo, who is 28 years old and is from Corpus Christi, was driving the Ford when it was struck by the train, but he was able to evacuate his vehicle safely before it happened.

He was sent to the Medical Center Hospital, where it is reported that his condition is stable. Kay Clemens Pries, who is 90 years old and also from Frisco, was a passenger in the Honda and was rushed to a hospital in Lubbock with major injuries. It is believed that she is currently in critical condition.