Jochem Sleiffer Obituary, Jochem Sleiffer Has Passed Away

Jochem Sleiffer Obituary, Death – When I learned that my coworker, friend, and employer Jochem-Jan Sleiffer, also known by his nickname JJ, had passed away suddenly, it came as a big shock to me.

JJ was also known as JJ. I am telling you this really bad information with a heavy heart since I know it will affect you. Jochem-Jan Sleiffer was more commonly referred to as JJ.

A few days ago, he came to meet me at the Steigenberger Al Dau Hotel, and during his visit, we had a good time talking about business and recalling enjoyable experiences from the past.

It was a very fun and enjoyable experience overall. Know that although you are at ease, those of us here are keeping you in our thoughts and prayers. JJ