Jo Lei Henniger Murder, TX, San Saba Police Department Statement

Jo Lei Henniger Murder, Death – A shooting was reported to have occurred in the 1200 block of Wallace Street in San San on the 19th of April at 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Law enforcement officers from San San arrived to the scene. According to the call notes, there was a shooting that took place in the parking lot area of the location, and two adults were injured as a result of the incident. After the authorities arrived on the scene, it was determined that a husband and wife had been involved in a fight, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of both parties.

A child who was also a witness to the event and who was unharmed was found at the scene of the occurrence by a person who was also a witness to the event. Since then, the minor, who will remain nameless, has been relocated to the San Saba area to live with other members of their family. Ben Henniger, a male resident of San Saba who was 45 years old, and Jo Lei Henniger, a female resident of San Saba who was 40 years old, have been identified as the deceased. “This is a shocking and tragic situation,” stated John Bauer, the Chief of Police in San Saba. “Words are inadequate to describe the depth of our sympathy for the friends and family of those who were affected by this tragedy.

In spite of the horrific nature of the situation, our first responders responded immediately and carried out their duties with the highest professionalism. For their efforts, I am really thankful. This is a difficult time for our whole community, and we will investigate thoroughly to find out what went wrong. Both the San Saba Police Department and the San Saba Sheriff’s Department believe that there are currently no active dangers to the general populace that need to be addressed. The San Saba Sheriff’s Department and the San Saba Police Department are continuing their investigation into this matter at this time.