Jesse Seifert Obituary, New Philadelphia, Ohio, Jesse Seifert Has Died

Jesse Seifert Obituary, Death – The death of Jesse Siefert brings to mind the remembrance of a close friend who has also recently died away. (Just like you, I’ve had to bid farewell to far too many friends in far too little time.) I just want to make an appeal to everyone that I know to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior today exactly as they are.

I don’t care if they are addicted to any kind of addiction or simply believe that they are not deserving of the gift that Jesus provided them by dying on the cross for them; I want everyone to embrace Jesus Christ as their personal savior today! This is a plea that I would like to make because, just like you, I have lost far too many friends in much too little time, and I feel as though there should be something that can be done about it.

Please make an effort to focus on the lyrics of the song “just as I am,” which Alan Jackson is currently performing. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send me a direct message. I would be happy to answer any questions you may have. I will do all in my power to be of service to you, and if for some reason I am unable to respond to your questions, I will look for somebody else who is able to do so.