Jeremy Zelman Obituary, Racine WI, Starbuck Middle School Music Teacher Has Died

Jeremy Zelman Obituary, Death – I share the news of Jeremy Zelman’s death with you with tremendous regret and a heavy heart. For many years, Jeremy Zelman has been a hero, teacher, and inspiration to me. I remember reaching out to Jeremy in 2014 when I was grieving the loss of my son’s mother, and asking him to play a few shows that summer.

That year, music had become one of my primary coping mechanisms. Jeremy had recently lost his brother, and he immediately became more to me than simply a musician, but also a wonderful source of understanding and comfort. I recall sitting down with Jeremy and crafting songs that we would later record and play together for years. Looking back, I would not have emerged from that catastrophe the same way if it hadn’t been for Jeremy, and thanks to him, the worst moment of my life led right into some of the best and most unforgettable. Jeremy is a hero in my eyes.

He was one of the most talented composers and collaborators I’ve ever worked with. I will be eternally grateful to Jeremy for his exceptional ability to listen, communicate, and guide. He aided my development as a musician and songwriter, and his songs remain among my favorites to this day. Jeremy is a mentor and a source of inspiration for me.

Above all, Jeremy was one of the most sincere, kind-hearted, and emotionally intelligent people I have ever known. Even when we disagreed, I always felt comfortable discussing any topic with Jeremy, which we did at length. In an age when dividing trumps discussion, Jeremy was refreshingly grounded and a remarkable listener. While Jeremy died far too soon and will be deeply missed, I find consolation in the idea that I have fragments of him in music and memory that will stay with me forever. I’ll never forget you, brother, and I’ll never stop remembering you. Thank you for years of music, friendship, conversation, teaching, and inspiration. May you find serenity.