Jen Anderson Obituary, Jen Anderson Friends Mourns Her Death

Jen Anderson Obituary, Death – Yesterday, we received the shocking news that Jen had passed away suddenly. Until an autopsy is performed, relatives can fly to Minnesota, and plans can be finalized, we cannot provide any details.

We realize that you may have insurmountable concerns. Yes, we have wondered the same thing, but to no avail. We ask that you spare the family any further discomfort by refraining from asking any private or sensitive inquiries.

The most pressing requirement is for finances to be made public. Because he is Jen’s younger brother and sole living relative, he will be expected to foot the bill for this.

As Jen’s pals, it’s our responsibility to prevent it from happening. Please forward this link to anyone you believe might be interested in contributing.

Please inform her loved ones of this terrible news right now. We made an effort to individually inform everyone, but we may have overlooked someone.

There are a lot of individuals who wish to get in touch with Wood and others (including myself), and we really value your thoughts and prayers.

Please know that your letters of comfort are being read, but that the overwhelming outpouring of grief may prevent a speedy response. By the time I was 15, Jen was already my best friend.

She has been my maid of honor twice, has attended the births of each of my daughters, is more familiar with me than anybody else, and was my soul mate before Bob. I have been completely worn down.

The girls have lost their “Auntie Jen,” and we don’t know what to do. All of us will be able to pull through thanks to the affection of those who cared about her.