Jeff Bear Obituary, Jeff Bear Has Passed Away

Jeff Bear Obituary, Death –Even though it has left us with a very heavy heart, we are transmitting this information to you despite the fact that it has made us very sad. Jeff, better known as PJ Bear, was a beloved member of our kitchen staff who died away on Thursday.

Jeff was one of those guys who had a natural ability for making others around him feel loved in just the right way. He did this in the most natural way possible. He was well aware that cooking a delectable meal for another person was an expression of love, and he made it a point to put that knowledge to use each and every time he went to Bistrolino. Jeff’s passion was cooking, and he often said that he believed the world would be a much happier and more peaceful place if more people took the time to sit down and share a meal with one another.

Jeff was an excellent cook. His relatives and friends at Bistrolino will grievously miss his loud laughter and biting sense of humor.
If you had the good fortune to know Jeff, please don’t hesitate to share any particularly memorable experiences you had with him in the space below. If you didn’t have the good fortune to know Jeff, feel free to skip this section. In addition, I ask that you keep his family in your thoughts and prayers as we go through this challenging time.

Today, you should hug the people you care about a little bit more tightly. I am genuinely sorry for the tragic loss you have suffered. Even though we only had a few conversations together, each one is distinct in my recollection despite the fact that we only spoke to one another a few times. One day, he offered me Jimmy John’s that he brought in for the team to enjoy, and as we were comparing our kitchen battle wounds, he told me plenty of anecdotes about his time spent working as a chef. During the time that we were there for supper, he served us, and while he did so, he educated us on the fascinating history of grains from different parts of the world. He was an invaluable asset to the community, and the loss of his presence will be felt keenly by everyone there in some significant way.