Jay O’Brian Obituary, Jay O’Brian Has Passed Away

Jay O’Brian Obituary, Death – I’m sorry to be the one to break the news to you all, but my good friend Jay O’Brian passed away recently. I say this with a heavy feeling in my stomach. Yesterday evening, after a valiant battle against cancer, Jay passed away in a peaceful sleep.

When you claim that Jay was the life of the party and was always full of energy, everyone who knew Jay would agree with what you have to say about him. His vocation, his family, and his close group of friends were all things that he placed a significant emphasis on in his life. Because of the length of time, he spent working in the audio industry as the Canadian agent for Boston Acoustics, he enjoyed a high level of respect among his peers.

During that time, he was also able to make a large number of friends and had a significant influence on the disorganized lives we led. Everyone will certainly miss having you around, Jay. Sad Day indeed. I hadn’t talked to him in a while, but we finally got back in touch. On the other hand, I seem to recall seeing him at one of the shows. After a period of time during which I was not a Boston dealer, he recognized me as a genuine friend. This occurred after a number of years. A truly magnificent example of the human race.