Jay Harrison Obituary, Wedge Mouthpiece Instrumentalist Has Died

Jay Harrison Obituary, Death –The Wedge crew is in mourning today due to a recent event. On April 20, 2023, my brother Jay Harrison passed away after a courageous struggle against multiple myeloma that lasted for four years. He had been fighting cancer with all of his strength. It is impossible to exaggerate how significant Jay’s efforts were to the development of the Wedge mouthpiece. In 2007, we were my very first beta testers for the original Wedge trumpet mouthpiece, and we were essential in the process of improving the design through numerous rounds of playtesting.

In addition, we had a role in the development of the original Wedge trumpet mouthpiece. He was an outstanding resource for the development of the Wedge line of trombone mouthpieces and for information relevant to low brass because of his professional experience as a trombone player as well as his versatility as a multi-instrumentalist. In addition to that, he played the tuba. Jay was not just my best friend but also my right-hand man at trade fairs we worked together on.

The fact that Jay was a wonderful person is the single most important aspect to remember with regard to him. He was well-mannered, charitable, and giving. Above all things, what stood out most about him was the extraordinary degree of fearlessness he displayed. Over the course of the previous four years, he has instilled in me a great deal of knowledge regarding the importance of bravery, determination, and strength. Because he had a place in so many people’s hearts, his demise will undoubtedly cause them to shed many tears.