Jason Elder Obituary, Wayne County Ohio, Family Mourns Jason Elder Death – GoFundMe

Jason Elder Obituary, Death – Following the recent announcement of Jason’s passing, many people are asking themselves, “How can I help?” At this time, Jason’s family wants to offer him the funeral he deserves, along with a burial that will leave a legacy that demonstrates how much he was appreciated and loved by other people.

Any kind of donation you are able to make at this time will be very much appreciated. Although I’ve only known Jason for about a year now, from the moment we first met, he made me feel like a member of the family.

The flood of posts on social media has made it clear to me that he thought of everyone he knew as an extension of his own family. In addition to being a best friend, a defender, and a comic for his siblings, he was always there for them no matter what the situation was or when it arose.

The gap that has been left in our hearts as a result of this loss can only be considered to be relatively minor in compared to how his parents are experiencing. Please remember the family in your prayers, donate what you can, and share this link with as many people as you can; we are grateful for any and all help.