James Julia Obituary, Pennsylvania, James Julia Has Died

James Julia Obituary, Death – James Julian, who was battling pneumonia, was sent to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Brockton, Massachusetts, where he ultimately lost his fight and passed dead. He had been admitted to the hospital for a relatively brief period of time there. Jimmy Julian was raised in Brockton, Massachusetts by his parents, the late William Julian and Ivy (Simms) Julian.

Although Jimmy Julian was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, his parents raised him in Brockton. Throughout his entire childhood, Jimmy had been a huge fan of the sports played in New England. His all-time favorite team was the Red Sox, despite the fact that the Patriots, the Bruins, and the Celtics were all teams he followed and supported. Jimmy attended each and every one of the Red Sox games, and he did it by either tuning in to the radio broadcasts or switching on the television to see the games.

He didn’t miss even a single one of them. In addition to that, he recorded the game’s statistics on a scorecard that was extraordinarily detailed and included information on each and every play of the baseball game. Jimmy’s longtime companion and dear friend Richard “Rick” Little, who went away not too long ago, was someone he had known for a very long time. Richard “Rick” Little was someone who Jimmy had known for a very long time. Jimmy had spent the previous decade living with Rick and his widow, Susan Dyson, and affectionately referred to their son, Richard.

“Ricky” Dyson, as his nephew. During this time, Rick passed away, and Susan Dyson had become Rick’s widow. It had only been a short while since Rick had passed away, and Susan Dyson was now Rick’s widow. Rick and Susan Dyson had both just experienced the death of their marriages.

Jimmy is survived by a large number of nieces and nephews in addition to his brother Leslie Julian, who lives in Berkley, California; his sister Shirley (Simms) LeFave and her husband, Thomas LeFave, who live in Leesburg, Florida; his brother-in-law Ronald Mather, who lives in Easton, Massachusetts; and his sister-in-law’s husband, Thomas LeFave. Jimmy’s three siblings, Alfred Simms of Gardner, Maine, Loretta (Simms) Mallory of Gardner, Maine, and Cora (Julian) Mather of Easton, Massachusetts, all passed away before him.