Jackie Fleming Obituary, Jackie Fleming Has Passed Away

Jackie Fleming Obituary, Death – Jackie Fleming, who was known for her sweetness, kindness, love, patience, and generosity, passed away unexpectedly, leaving us all in utter disbelief. It is impossible for us to imagine living our lives without you. When I really needed you, you were there for me at birthday parties, games, and performances, and you helped me in so many different ways.

You provided me with encouraging words, wonderful cards, and a whole lot of happy memories. You were much more than simply my children’s kindergarten instructor; you were a member of our family. When you came to visit, it was always like a ray of sunshine entered our home; it was that kind of experience every time. You often asked me, “How can I help?” and I never knew what to say. You have exceeded all expectations in terms of your love for us.

You were stolen from us far too soon, and we shall miss you furiously and cruelly; nevertheless, oh, what a blessing it has been to have had the opportunity to know and love you! Every single one of those seconds has earned and will always have my undying gratitude. Because the children and I are inconsolable, I ask that you check in on us at regular intervals. Our affection for you is endless. On Monday, April 24th at 10 a.m., a Memorial Mass will be held at Saint Maria Goretti Catholic Church, which is located at 6261 N. Granite Reef Rd.