Isaiah Bass Missing, Fashion Designer Went Missing After Being Invited To Paris By Balenciaga

Isaiah Bass Missing – This story is getting a lot of coverage but nobody cares. After making a video in which he claimed that Balenciaga had stolen his designs, an African-American designer by the name of Isaiah Bass vanished after being invited to fly to Paris by the fashion house.

Now, he may be found preserved as a mannequin in the window display of a Balenciaga store in Paris. They keep making efforts to hide this story from the public. Isaiah Bass, y’all know his story, he designed a jacket for Balenciaga that they stole from him, and he ended up missing, which is why his wax figure is in Paris with his design jacket on, and the person who filmed it says he looks very real, and embalm said that if any mother is missing their child, he is in Paris as a mannequin. Isaiah Bass

The fact that he received an email from Balenciaga apologizing to him and wanting to work with him and for him to come into one of the stores in Florida Major store at that to disappear from is even more bizarre now to actually have a mannequin looking just like him and to not even know him isn’t adding up…yeah, he was about to sue them, which was the reason for the apology, but his hair is the exact same way literally. the fact that the