Imogene Yarborough Obituary, Longtime Agricultural Champion Of Florida Farm Bureau Federation Has Died

Imogene Yarborough Obituary, Death – Because Mrs. Imogene Yarborough was an advocate and supporter of agriculture for a substantial length of time throughout a period of time, and because she died away not too long ago, we are all in a state of melancholy due to her passing. She passed away not too long ago. Her passing occurred not too long ago.

Mrs. Yarborough was selected as the recipient of the 2019 Distinguished Work Award due to the fact that she has been an inspiration to others around her and has worked tirelessly to promote the beef cattle business. As a result of these two factors, the committee felt that she was the most deserving candidate for the award. Following successful completion of these requirements, the grantee will be placed in a position of leadership within their respective field. One of the most well-known and sympathetic people working in the agricultural sector of the state government of Florida at the present time.

As a direct consequence of her passing away, each individual will experience the sense of loss brought on by her death in their own special way. You should be able to find a link to the video that is a tribute to Mrs. Yarborough for being the recipient of the Distinguished Service Award for 2019 a little bit lower down on this page. The film was created in honor of Mrs. Yarborough because she was the recipient of the award in 2019.