Henry Cornely Obituary, Cleveland, Ohio, Henry Cornely Has Died

Henry Cornely Obituary, Death – Henry Cornely, Jr., 25, died unexpectedly at his home on April 16, 2023. Henry P. Cornely’s father was a violinist, and Ruth Daniel Cornely, his mother, was a pianist and church organist. On November 11, 1916, he was born. He began taking cello lessons with his father when he was 15 years old, and the two eventually formed the Cornely Trio, a musical family act.

They performed around the neighborhood and on WJAX radio station. He also attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for a brief length of time. When Mr. Cornely enlisted as a volunteer in the United States Army in 1941, his beloved sister, Miss Mary Cornely, joined the group and took on the role of Singer of Songs. Miss Cornely had a good career after working for the Jacksonville Journal and The Florida Times Union for a combined 21 years before her death in September 1982. Mr. Cornely served as an Army Bandleader throughout WWII, with assignments in Vienna, Austria, and Manila, Philippines.

He spent his off-duty evenings in Manila performing with the Manila Symphony Orchestra. Mr. Cornely has spent the last thirty years working at the American National Bank in San Marco. He began as a Loan Officer and advanced to the position of Assistant Auditor. Mr. Cornely joined the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra as Principal Cellist in 1949 and remained in that position for the next thirty years. He remained a member of the orchestra until 1987. From 1949 until 1955, he was the conductor of the Friday Musicale Junior Symphony. Mr. Cornely played cello with the six-piece band Continental Strings at the Ponce de Leon Hotel in St. Augustine between 1960 and 1987. Later, he took part in the Sunday Concerts in the Park.