Harsh Patel Missing, 19-year-old teen missing has been found safe

Harsh Patel Missing – According to the statements made by the police in Mokena, an adult male in his 19th year who had been reported missing has been located, and he is considered to be in good health. When the person arrived at his place of employment but did not go inside the building, he was reported as missing and investigated as a possible absentee.

As a direct consequence of this, a complaint was lodged against him. Although it is believed that Harsh N. Patel, 19, went to the place that is found at the 18700 Block of Wolf Road, there is no evidence to suggest that he went inside the establishment. The authorities have vouched for the veracity of this statement by confirming that this is in fact the circumstance. The most recent sighting of Harsh’s car, a blue 2011 Toyota Prius, was captured by a license plate reader camera in the Wilmington region. This camera was able to read the license plate of the vehicle.

This sighting occurred in the general vicinity. This was the most recent occasion on which the car was noticed by the witnesses. In the late evening on Monday, the police announced that they had located Harsha and his vehicle, and that both Harsha and his vehicle were in good condition. Additionally, they stated that both Harsha and his vehicle had been found. Harsha, according to the police, did not sustain any injuries in the incident.