Gisele Henning Obituary, Gisele Henning Has Passed Away

Gisele Henning Obituary, Death – SLC, UT On April 16, 2023, our loving mother Gisele Kirschbaum died at home in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her two children. Gisele is from northeast Berlin. She turned 7 five days before WWII.

Anti-Nazi Berlin family. Her earliest recollections were being scolded for tearing curtains to sew toys. War halted her textile art studies. Kremmen joined DDR. Gisele visited home every two years throughout the Cold War. She was close to her younger brother Rolf despite the distance.

Adventurer Gisele. Early highlights include three years as an au pair in Uppsala, Sweden; hitchhiking Swedish Lappland; teaching arts and crafts to American GIs in Mannheim, Germany after lying about her English skills; sailing to the US on the SS Maasdaam with her friend Renate; and getting married on NBC’s Bride and Groom.

She met Laurie Capiello in Burbank and San Jose, CA. In 1962, Gisele moved to Anchorage from Palo Alto’s Laurie’s University Art Center. Alaska reared her kids. Gisele founded Alaska Weavers Guild, Anchorage Fine Arts Museum, and her children’s schools.

She established Creative Arts & Frames after learning bespoke framing. Gisele and her kids departed Alaska in 1982. Laurie wanted to work at University Art Center again in San Francisco. Gisele studied university art for 20 years.

She adored the yearly SF Gift Show as Gift and Jewelry Buyer. Her earrings matched everything. In 2006, she and Laurie visited Shanghai. Gisele’s retirement art. She founded her retirement community’s knitting group, taught silk painting and velvet embossing, sold custom-painted silk scarves and handcrafted cards at art fairs, and was a Concord Art Association member. 32 jumpsuits. Gisele’s cousin Hilde Ritter’s 70th birthday art show was in Germany.

The 2014 Marshall B. Ketchum School of Optometry Shared Visions Art Exhibit awarded Gisele Best in Show. Blind artists. They were recognized. Gisele lived blindly. She worked and created despite her illness. She liked world history and biography audiobooks. Her daughter and she liked the Utah Symphony and waltzes. We were grateful to care for her daily in Salt Lake City during her last 6 years.

Mom-inspired trip. She encouraged us to create, be interested, learn, and keep learning. She taught us to budget (occasionally), furnish a mobile home, and entertain with style. She modeled lifelong friendship. She instilled honesty. Elisabeth, Fritz, Sigrid, Rolf, and Annemarie predeceased Gisele. Marcella, Travis, Mark, and Sawyer live. She felt his schoolwork.

Dr. Natalie Sanders at Madsen Geriatrics, Capitol Hill Senior Living, and Friendship Manor eased her final years. April 29 @ 2 pm: University of Utah Alumni House Celebration of Life. Missing mom.