Georgiann Jackson Obituary, Georgiann Jackson Has Passed Away

Georgiann Jackson Obituary, Death- For those of you who are still in the dark about this… Georgiann Jackson, my own mother Early on Thursday morning, Georgiann Jackson lost her battle with cancer.

I adored her deeply, and our relationship was as strong as glue. My closest confidante was always her. My entire family is in complete and utter disbelief since she was everything to us. She was the glue that bound us. I am willing to try anything. If only it meant I could get her back, or at the very least talk to her, see her, or have more time with her, I would do anything it took to make that happen.

She was a wonderful lady who was cherished by everyone. She was much too young for something like this to have occurred to her; everything about this is unfair and wrong. I had the impression that we had more time.
I keep playing her voicemails over and over again just so I can make sure I don’t miss her saying “I love you.” Please, if you take anything away from her passing, please make sure to leave voicemails for the people you care about.

mainly due to the fact that you never know when your time with them is going to run out. Never erase voicemails Keep each and every one of them; I can guarantee you won’t come to regret it. You should encourage the people you care about to leave voicemails. Regardless of how commonplace they are. I really wish I had a larger supply of those.
She gave me her word that we would always be each other’s person. I feel so lost. Because she is the only person I really want to talk to, I can’t stop picking up the phone and dialing her number.

I just want my mom. Thank you for the outpouring of love; I appreciate each and every one of you who has reached out or commented, and I promise that I’ll get back to each and every one of you at some point in the near future. It’s just been a lot over the past few days, and I’m trying very hard not to spiral into despair despite the fact that I’m quite overwhelmed.

Just talking about it seems like another bone is broken, and it’s like starting over with a brand new wound all over again. I assure you that I will get in touch with you as soon as I can. We will be doing a celebration of life in the coming weeks as an alternative to holding a funeral. I will have additional information to share with everyone as soon as I have it.