George Handley Obituary, George Handley, 64 , dies in Tuscumbia Shooting

George Handley Obituary, Death – On Tuesday, a shooting occurred in Tuscumbia, and as a result of the incident, one person died as a direct result of the shooting. The shooting event took happened immediately after the confrontation. Members of the law enforcement community were present and involved in the shooting.

According to Tony Logan, Chief of the Tuscumbia Police Department, the incident occurred at approximately 7:45 p.m. in a residence in the 100 block of Walker Avenue in Tuscumbia. According to Logan, a gunshot wound was the key culprit in the death of a 64-year-old man who lived at the house. This information was obtained through the witness’s evidence, which was presented in court.

Justin Gasque, the coroner for the county of Colbert in the state of Texas, revealed the identify of the deceased individual, which has been verified to be George Handley, in comments made. The statements made by Gasque are the source of this information. At this moment, the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency has been charged with taking the lead position in the investigation into this scenario, which is now underway. This duty has been delegated to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency.

It appears that the officer engaged in the incident has been placed on paid administrative leave as a direct result of the incident. The cause for this action appears to be a direct result of the occurrence. This, according to publicly available reports, is the situation. Logan has graciously offered to share this information with us as part of his community duty. It was not possible to provide any additional information regarding the incidence due to the lack of publicly available information at the time of the event.