Fernando Amorsolo Obituary, National Artist for Virtual Arts Has Died

Fernando Amorsolo Obituary, Death – Fernando Amorsolo, who had been recognized as a National Artist for Virtual Arts – Painting, went away in 1972. “Fernando C. Amorsolo was the first artist to be honored with the title of National Artist in this country. Amorsolo was given the official title of “Grand Old Man of Philippine Art” on January 23, 1969.

When the Manila Hilton inaugurated its art center with an exhibit of a selection of Amorsolo’s works. The display was held in conjunction with the opening of the art center. Amorsolo invented the backlighting technique that became his signature after he returned from his studies abroad in the 1920s. This technique allows figures, a cluster of leaves, the spill of hair, and the swell of the breast to be seen aglow on canvas.

Nick Joaquin is of the opinion that this light represents the rapture of a sensualist who is completely in love with the earth, with the sun of the Philippines, and that it is also an accurate portrayal of Amorsolo’s own ecstasy. His citation highlights all of his years of creative effort, which have ‘defined and perpetuated a distinct element of the nation’s aesthetic and cultural history.'” (The National Commission on Culture and the Arts). For Further Reading: “The National Artists of the Philippines,” which can be found in the Filipiniana Collection of the PNU Library, which is housed on the third floor of the KRS section.