Erik Drylie Obituary, Eleventh Circuit Assistant Solicitor Erik Drylie Has Died

Erik Drylie Obituary, Death – On April 23, Eleventh Circuit Assistant Solicitor Erik Drylie died. We’ll miss him terribly.
Saturday’s 10 a.m. Quest Church services will be led by Pastor John Kenney. Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm, Posey Funeral Home in North Augusta will host the family.

Erik, 39, adored family. He spent his life defending our youth. He was jovial. Everyone loved him. Erik’s appointment as Assistant Solicitor excited Eleventh Circuit Solicitor Rick Hubbard. “The Public Defender’s Office respected his integrity and dedication to his clients. He prosecuted morally. lovely lawyer and lovely person. He loved victims, defendants, and clients.

Erik was one of few who followed Micah’s counsel to “do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with thy God.” He enhanced us. Erik is missed.
Erik tirelessly prosecuted dangerous and repeat offenders to ensure victims got justice.

He was empathetic and could inspire. Erik enjoyed helping worthy first-time offenders. Erik loved taking the office to August House in Edgefield Town Square for old-fashioned ice cream. He loves testing flavors before ordering but insisted everyone order first. Erik transformed us.

Eleventh Circuit Assistant Solicitor Doug Fender
Erik and I bonded in Edgefield, McCormick, and Saluda. Four guys working in a room for a week or two bond! We laughed most at ourselves. I recall a good pal. –Eleventh Circuit Assistant Solicitor Brian Eckstrom

I’ll remember Erik’s smile, laughing, and compassion for his victims. –Karen Fulmer, Eleventh Circuit Office Manager Solicitor’s Office
Erik, a quiet friend and coworker, loved justice. His “family-over-anything” attitude fractured the Tri-County office family. Erik’s devotion to victims’ families was recognized. –Perrin Bryan, Solicitor’s Office Victim Advocate

Honest Erik. He cared about clients as Assistant Solicitor or Public Defender. He fought for victims. Erik would drop everything for translations or cases. He treated judges fairly. Erik treasured family memories. Erik is missed. –Eleventh Circuit Solicitor’s Office Investigator Paul Taylor

Erik was a public defender, children’s law center, and solicitor’s attorney. Smart, ethical lawyer. Erik’s friendliness and fairness were noted by local lawyers.

I miss his wit. His premature death inspires us to live meaningfully and give more than we take. –Eleventh Circuit Public Defender Sarah Mauldin
Tri-County Public Defender employed Erik and me. A fantastic lawyer, friend, and person. Erik labored honestly. Fairness and morality drove him. He was always moral. I admired Erik. He died. Erik is forever missed. –Bennett Casto, Esq.

Erik was an untrained assistant public defender. He’s gifted. I enjoy arguing with Erik. He was a talented lawyer with a rare capacity to connect with everyone. Erik cared about his neighborhood and helped others. Friends, family, and community will miss him. –Retired Eleventh Circuit Public Defender Rob Madsen