Eric Padron Obituary, Attorney, Mayor For The City Of West Miami Has Died

Eric Padron Obituary, Death – A good friend Yesterday, April 17th, at 5:58 pm, Eric Cecilio Padron’s journey here on earth came to a conclusion, and he was ushered into the presence of the Lord. Since the day he was born, only 52 years of his life have passed. His mother, Anolan Ponce, his sister, and his son, Lucas, are the only members of his family who are still alive. He is the lone member of his family to have made it through the ordeal alive.

Eric C. Padron was a prominent member of the legal community in Miami, Florida, where he worked as an attorney for both the prosecution and the defense of criminal cases. He was a member of both the Florida Bar and the American Bar Association. His legal representations were remarkable for the meticulous preparation, original ideas, and fearlessness that he demonstrated as an attorney. His legal representations included. Eric was an ardent supporter of the Republican party, and in the year 2006, he launched a campaign to become the representative for the 107th District in the Florida House of Representatives.

He was well-known for his insightful commentary on politics and his steadfast advocacy of justice. He was a staunch supporter of the law. Eric was a phenomenal actor in all of the parts that he played, including those of his son, brother, and friend. In the years to come, many people will have favorable impressions of him. He attended the Catholic University of America and earned a degree there in order to complete his legal education. attended Florida International University and took part in the Political Philosophy program offered there. They received their secondary education at St. Brendan High School, where they remained enrolled throughout their secondary education. Having a previous history of living in the city of Miami, Florida. Rest in peace, Eric.