Elizabeth Jones Obituary, Member Of St Damians RC Science College Has Died

Elizabeth Jones Obituary, Death- It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I write to inform you of the demise of our Chair of Governors and lifetime friend of St. Damian’s, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones MBE.

who was fondly known as ‘Betty’ by the St. Damian community? The stewardship and direction of Betty were essential in ensuring that our objective, which was for our school to be recognized as an exceptional Catholic institution, was brought to fruition. Betty has been a frequent visitor to the school, and she has never missed any of the many activities that have taken place there, ranging from visits from the Bishop to Celebration Evenings to staff training. The rest of the staff and I felt a deep sense of pride in having Betty serve as the Chair of our Board of Governors, a position she had held since 2011 up until the time of her passing.

Nevertheless, one of our other blessings was having such an extraordinary lady at the helm of the institution. Her beliefs and morals were deeply held, and she made judgments based solely on what she believed to be in the best interest of the school community. Betty maintained her composure and stoicism as she worked through the challenges presented by the decisions she had to make while living out her ideals.

The community of St. Damian’s had the honor of being present at both the ceremony in which she was honored as “National Governor of the Year” at the House of Lords in December 2021 and the one in which Mrs. Jones was honored with an MBE at Windsor Castle by Princess Royal in 2022. Both of these events took place in the United Kingdom. These, in addition to the plethora of honors and awards that she has accumulated over the years, are a testimonial of her leadership.

Because of Betty’s tireless efforts and unwavering commitment over the course of many years, during which she served first as Business Manager at St. Damian’s and later as Chair of the Board of Governors there, the entire institution that St. Damian’s is today is a direct product of its current state. We shall never forget her remarkable contribution to the local Catholic community, which she left behind. Betty was a lovely friend, a smart coworker, and a wonderful role model who I deeply loved. She was also someone I looked up to on a personal level. Both her sage advice and her presence will be much missed by me.