Eileen Sheridan Obituary, Member Of Moorfields Eye Charity Has Died

Eileen Sheridan Obituary, Death- Eileen Sheridan, a British cyclist who had been a long-term patient at Moorfields Eye Hospital and had established records in the 1950s, passed away on February 12 at the age of 99.

She had been a patient at the hospital since she was a child. Her departure was a terrible blow to the family. Because of the fact that she was the first woman to finish the Land’s End to John O’Groats race in less than two days, Eileen is widely considered a genuine pioneer in the field of women’s cycling. This is owing to the fact that she accomplished this feat in 1954.

Not only did she shatter records, but she also paved the way for future generations of women’s cyclists, and she did all of this well before women were even permitted to compete in races on a global scale. Not only did she smash records, but her accomplishments go far beyond that. Her achievements were so remarkable that people began to refer to her as “Mighty Atom,” which is a nickname that literally means “invincible.”

She was not only an exceptional biker, but also an accomplished artist, a glass engraver, and an active member of the community in her neighborhood of home, Old Isleworth. After being diagnosed with glaucoma many years ago, she went to Moorfields Eye Hospital, where she received first-rate care that ultimately helped her retain her sight. She was able to benefit from the help she received at Moorfields Eye Hospital throughout the course of her treatment, which resulted in her having healthy eyesight for the rest of her life.

The members of Eileen’s family have established a memorial website in her honor in order to pay respect to the extraordinary life that she led and to make a contribution to the efforts of the Moorfields Eye Charity. In the month of May, the family will celebrate her life by holding an event at which they plan to collect as much money as they can in her honor and donate it to a charitable organization.