Diane Snellen Obituary, Diane Snellen Has Suddenly Passed Away

Diane Snellen Obituary, Death – It is unknown what caused Diane Snellen’s death, and the circumstances surrounding her passing are shrouded in mystery. When law enforcement officers from Georgetown, Kentucky arrived at the home of Diane Snellen, where they had been dispatched after receiving a call to 911 from the Snellen residence, they discovered a bloody crime scene. In the second story, Snellen, who was 41 years old, was discovered lying almost completely naked in a massive pool of blood.

It appeared that he had been stabbed more than once. In the beginning, the police were under the impression that Snellen’s death could have been caused by an intruder who had broken into his house. On the other hand, they quickly became aware of the fact that the killer lived in the same house as the victim. Her birth took place in 1961, and she was given the name Diane Marie Morgan. She spent her youth in a remote community that was located in the Upper Peninsula of the state of Michigan.

She was the eldest of three children who had been raised by a single mother, and she was known for her boundless energy and unique personality. She had been raised by a single mother. “I don’t care how horrible crap was going, she managed to find a ray of sunshine in all that,” Danny Snellen, her ex-husband, said on “Snapped,” which airs on Oxygen on Sundays at 6/5c. “She had an unflaggingly cheerful attitude. “I don’t care how bad crap was going, she managed to find a light of sunshine in all that.

Diane’s desire to become a mother had been with her for a very long time. When she was 20 years old, she got married to a man whose name was Stephen Olson, and they went on to have three children. After getting married to him, she moved to Sheridan, Wyoming, which was his hometown. There, she and her new husband raised their two children, a son named Stephen Jr. and a daughter named Stephanie. Diane was a kind and kind young lady when she was a child. It was mentioned in the episode “Snapped” that Danny thought “she adored the attention.”