Diana Himenez Obituary, Diana Himenez Has Sadly Passed Away

Diana Himenez Obituary, Death – Diana Henares, who had lived her entire life in Hayward, California, died on April 10, 2023, at the age of 74. She had lived in the city her entire life. We have to deliver the dreadful news to you that she has died with a heavy heart, but we have no option. Diana Y. Henares’ funeral and burial services are expected to take place at a later date.

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She was appreciated and liked by many people, notably by her parents, Pricilla and Paul Himenez, and her husband, Anthony Himenez. Her parents and husband were her biggest supporters. Her parents and husband were her biggest supporters. Her children adored her and held her in the highest regard for the rest of their lives. Their unwavering love and devotion were directed at her. In addition, all of her children and grandchildren loved and cherished her, and they held a particular place in their hearts for her throughout their lives.

Not only did her immediate family like her but so did her extended family and acquaintances. She was liked by all of these people. Everyone in each of these circles thought she was wonderful. Everyone in each of these circles admired her. Her reputation was flawless. She made an immeasurable difference in each and every one of our lives.