Desmond Pickering Obituary, Resident Of Rockhampton, Died At 68

Desmond Pickering Obituary, Death- Rockhampton was Desmond Clarence’s birthplace, and he passed away not too long ago. Desmond Clarence was originally from Rockhampton.
On April 23, 2023, he went away calmly with his loving family by his side. His passing occurred on that day. His death took place on that particular day.

At that moment, it was already the 23rd of April. 68 years old overall, taking into consideration the ages of all the people present.
Olive’s devoted partner and loving husband. Olivia and Lorellee, as well as Penelope, Katherine, and Mark, who had all previously passed away, treated the man with the utmost respect because he was their father. Olivia and Lorellee also held him in the highest regard possible. The profound respect that Deswilliam and Olivienne have for their Grandfather is shared by both of them. This esteem was instilled in them by their maternal and paternal grandparents. Beloved sons of the late Morris and Beryl, who have both passed away since the birth of their son. Morris and Beryl both went away before their birth. Both Morris and Beryl have left this world since we last saw them.

Since we last met Morris and Beryl, they have both passed away and are no longer in this world. A devoted brother of Peter, who has since passed away; Valerie; Cheryl; Douglas; Jeffrey; Selwyn; Trudy; Christine; and Sandra, in addition to Jeffrey and Selwyn. In addition, he was Trudy and Sandra’s cherished brother. In addition to this, Douglas has passed away. The Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle, which can be found at 650 Norman Road in North Rockhampton, will be the location of a Service to Celebrate the Life of Desmond.

which will take place on May 2, 2023, at 10 a.m. in North Rockhampton. If you follow these instructions, you should be able to locate the Rockhampton Baptist Tabernacle. On Desmond’s birthday, which is May 2nd, 2023, the ceremony is slated to take place, so mark your calendars! During the event, the presence of loved ones, which may include friends and family, is solicited and joyfully welcomed to the fullest extent possible. The burial will take place at the Rockhampton Memorial Gardens Cemetery as soon as the memorial service is over and has been concluded.