Derek Heckman Obituary, Melbourne Beach FL, Derek Heckman Dies In Motorcycle Accident

Derek Heckman Obituary, Death – He was survived by the lady he had spent his entire life with, Shanan, as well as his two kids, Kaiden, 13, and Shay, 11 years old. Derek Heckman passed away unexpectedly on April 24, and he was survived by all of these people. His only children were his two girls. He never had any sons.

Everyone in the family was taken aback by the sudden demise of the family’s father, who was also their devoted husband. As a direct result of the unfortunate event, the family is in a state of profound melancholy as a result of the loss of their patriarch. If you knew Derek, you would understand how much he treasured life, how he infused his family members’ lives with energy, and how he left an impression on the lives of everyone around him. If you knew Derek, you would understand that he made each member of his family’s life more interesting than it would have been without him.

It will be challenging for you to comprehend how highly Derek placed a premium on life if you are not familiar with him. As a result of Derek’s passing, it is now our duty to make amends to Shanan and the children and provide assistance to them as they work through the sadness that the death of Derek has caused them.

As a consequence of Derek’s passing, we owe it to them to do this. We are attempting to raise money in order to help contribute toward the costs of the funeral and any other needs that the family may have while they are working through their loss. We are also trying to help the family in any other way we can. Click to visit Derek Heckman’s GoFundMe page.