David Swearingen Obituary, David Swearingen Has Passed Away

David Swearingen Obituary, Death – Unfortunately, my father has died away in recent months. I am going to miss having regular interactions with him and being able to listen to his voice. As many of you are aware, there is nothing that can prepare you for the loss of a father.
My father, David Swearingen, got his start in life by toiling away in the coal mines of West Virginia. He came from a poor family. He was promoted to a managerial position with Bethlehem Steel after being relocated to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
Music was another one of his great passions. When we were hanging out around the home, he would sing bass harmonies to folk and gospel songs with me. Those are some of my favorite memories of him.

Even when I played in front of my hometown crowd in Bethlehem with my band, he came out and joined us. I’m very grateful that over the years, we were able to become even closer to one another.