David Lewis Obituary, Friends And Family Mourns The Death Of David Lewis

David Lewis Obituary, Death – My son David Lewis passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon, which was a very terrible turn of events. He was a wonderful example of what a son, brother, father, and friend should be.

Additionally, he was a fantastic husband to his wife. He loved sincerely and had high aspirations for the future. He always had a story to tell, in a way that only he could, and he got you thrilled about whatever it was that he was doing at the time, whether it was camping, hunting, fishing, his new business adventure, or artifact hunting. He always had a story to tell, in a manner that only he could.

Megan and his children each possessed a unique place in his heart. He cherished them all. Every day, I give thanks to God for bestowing him upon me in order to allow me to fulfill my role as a mother to him. My heart is broken At this point in time, the preparations for the funeral are not quite at their final stage. I will upload them as soon as I am able to gain access to them.