David Clark Obituary, Dedicated Firefighter Of Firestorm Wildland Fire Suppression Has Died

David Clark Obituary, Death – After being involved in an accident with a dirt bike while he was off-duty, David Clark, a dedicated firefighter from Magalia, passed away suddenly on Saturday, April 29. The incident occurred while he was not on duty. The tragic news of his passing has caused all of us to feel an overwhelming sense of loss.

David has been employed at Firestorm for the past seven years, during which time he has served as a member of the Wildland Firefighter team there. During that period of time, he has worked as a sawyer, a squad boss, and, most recently, he has taken on the role of the Type 5 Incident Commander. His most recent accomplishment is that he was promoted to the position of captain for Crew 2, which he has held in the past.

During this trying time, we want David’s family and loved ones to know that they are in our thoughts and that we are offering our condolences to them. We want them to know that we are thinking of them and that we are expressing our sympathy to them. We sincerely hope that the information that he was respected and admired by the other members of the team as well as the firefighters would bring them some measure of peace. His loved ones, as well as the other members of his crew on the Firestorm, will be devastated by his passing.