Dave Strain Obituary, Dave Strain Has Passed Away

Dave Strain Obituary, Death- Dr. David Strain spent the first many years of his life in Glasgow, which is a city in Scotland. He received degrees from the Duncan Jordanstone College of Art, Trinity College Glasgow/School of Divinity, and the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh. And the Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson. He also studied at the Free Church of Scotland College in Edinburgh.

He was given the ordination to serve as a minister of the gospel by the Free Church of Scotland in the month of September 2003. Since that time, he has served the local churches of London, England, and Columbus, Mississippi in various pastoral capacities. Since May 2013, David has been serving as a member of the pastoral team of the First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, and in May 2014, he was installed as the Senior Minister of the church.

He finished his education at Reformed Theological Seminary (Jackson) in 2016 and received the degree of Doctor of Ministry as a result of his accomplishments. Dave Strain was a local horse owner, a member of the club committee, and one of the kindest and most pleasant individuals you could ever hope to encounter. In this article, he is featured alongside Dan McCarthy and the incredible Ashlor.

To his family and friends, please accept our most heartfelt sympathies. The passing of Dave Strain is a news item that has left us in a state of deep sadness. Dave was the embodiment of a true gentleman and a devoted friend; there weren’t many weeks that went by without him phoning or stopping by the shed to make sure that everything was going well in both his personal life and his business life. He was always concerned about making sure that his friends and family were happy and healthy. You are an incredible man who will be much missed.