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Darius Bottoms Obituary, Death – Oxygen’s “Real Murders of Atlanta: Murder in College Town” covers June 2014’s gruesome murder of 18-year-old Darius Bottoms in Atlanta, Georgia. With political and media pressure, the police solved the sensationalized case in two weeks. The victim was related to a powerful politician. We can help you discover the criminals’ identity and whereabouts. So far, this.

Darius Bottoms died how?
Darian Bottoms and Jared Robinson had Darius Bottoms in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia, on August 5, 1995. He was nephew of Atlanta mayor-elect Keisha Lance Bottoms, who took office in January 2017.

Darius was disciplined and well-behaved, never bothering his parents. The adolescent and his companion, Jared Robinson, were visiting a friend in an apartment near Legacy Drive and Sells Avenue early on June 13, 2014.

Darius’ new grandfather-given silver four-door Hyundai Elantra took them to the friend’s residence. He and Jared left the apartment at 4:00 AM and walked to the automobile, parked downhill from Legacy Drive and Sells Avenue.

Jared said an unidentified man charged at them as they pulled out of the parking lot onto Legacy Drive, facing uphill. He went down the hill screaming and pointing at the two friends. The stranger shot Darius through the windshield with a 9mm handgun. The headshot killed him on the spot.

Darius Bottoms’ killer?

Jared informed the cops he could escape but saw someone shooting from near the stop sign at the top of Legacy Drive. He told the police he wore contact lenses for eyesight but had forgotten them that day. Law authorities found 17 round casings from two guns—eleven 9mm Luger and six 9mm Jimenez—at the shooting scene, confirming Jared’s account of two shooters.

According to the show, Billy Bad Asses Bloods and Neighborhood Bloods/Rolling Twenties Blood (NHB) were fighting over Kareasha Washington’s recent choice.

She joined the NHB after her Billy Bad Asses Bloods gangmates accused her of killing another gang member. Rashad Barber, David Dajunta Wallace, and Ryan Bowdery were NHB gangsters. On June 9, 2014, Rashad’s stepfather Jasen Williams’ friend James Terrel reported his 2014 beige, four-door Hyundai Elantra stolen from outside his residence, according to court filings.

Rashad lived there till weeks before the vehicle was taken. He, Kareasha, David, and another accomplice drove a stolen automobile to Arrowhead Pawn Shop in Clayton County around 6:20 PM on June 12, 2014. They were caught on shop surveillance looking at guns. Rashad’s mother, Selena Barber, took Jasen to the hospital without telling him about the incident.

She was worried about her son’s reaction. Selena reported the shooting to police, claiming it was due to his feud with the Billy gang. Rashad, David, Kareasha, and Ryan met hours after Jasen was shot. Kareasha drove and David rode in a stolen automobile.

Ryan and Rashad were in the backseat with a revolver and a 9mm handgun. Kareasha planned to settle the argument with a Billy gang member along Legacy Drive and Sells Avenue in Fulton County. She informed the cops she and David sat in the car while Ryan and Rashad got out at the agreed-upon area.

Instead, she observed them sprint around the Legacy Drive and Sells Avenue crossroads and hear many gunshots. When they returned to the car, David drove away. Kareasha claimed Rashad repeatedly said, “That was the Billy, that was the Billy who shot up my Mama’s house.” She helped police identify Rashad, David, and Ryan.

Cell phone data showed Kareasha and David were together on June 13, 2014, near Legacy Drive between 3:42 AM and 3:59 AM, immediately before the incident.

Where Are Ryan Bowdery, David Dajunta Wallace, and Rashad Barber?

The authorities searched Kareasha, Rashad, and David’s cell phone records for links to the pawn shop parking lot heist and Darius’s shooting.

They also found the four had communicated throughout the shooting. David, who owned one of the murder firearms, was apprehended a week after the murder with Kareasha’s help. After, Rashad and Ryan were arrested.

In December 2017, Ryan, David, and Rashad were convicted of criminal murder. According to court filings, they mistakenly shot Darius as a rival gang member who had shot Rashad’s stepfather.

They suspected the mayor’s nephew was involved in the shooting since the unknown assailant and Rashad both drove light-colored cars.