Danny Ramirez Obituary, 40-year-old Man Found Dead In Mendota

Danny Ramirez Obituary, Death – According to the results of the Fresno County Coroner’s Office, Danny Ramirez, age forty, was found dead outside of a home in Mendota, California, on the morning of Sunday. This information comes from the conclusions of the investigation conducted by the office. Ramirez, who was also known as Dennis Rodriguez, did not have a stable living condition, according to the homicide detectives who investigated the case.

Officers from the Mendota Police Department were sent to the intersection of Oller and Fourth Streets just after 6:30 in the morning after receiving reports of a male lying on the ground outside of a house in the vicinity. The property in question was located on Oller Street. When the police came, they discovered Ramirez laying in a carport with what were described as serious injuries. The officers were able to find Ramirez once they got to the scene.

After some time had gone, it was discovered that Ramirez had passed away. In order to ensure that the investigation is carried out in the most complete manner possible, the Mendota Police Department requested that it be taken over by the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office. On the evening of April 15, no one saw Ramirez alive again after that point in time. Anyone who believes they may have information relevant to this inquiry is requested to get in touch with Detective Jess Gloria at the following number: (559) 600-8217 or Crime Stoppers at the following number: (559) 498-7867 as soon as possible.