Danny Amor Obituary, Derry, NH, Danny Amor Has Died

Danny Amor Obituary, Death – Danny Amor, brother, age 24, was laid to rest in Derry, New Hampshire. He was born in the city of Methuen in the state of Massachusetts. Janaza Prayer will be held at the Islamic Society of New Hampshire (373 South Willow Street, Unit D1-3, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103) tomorrow, Thursday, April 20, 2023, immediately following the Dhuhr Prayer (which will take place at 1:00 p.m.).

The address of the Islamic Society of New Hampshire is 373 South Willow Street, Unit D1-3, Manchester, New Hampshire 03103. Pine Grove Cemetery, which can be found at 765 Brown Avenue in Manchester, New Hampshire 03103, will be the location of his final resting place if he passes away. O Allah, have mercy on him and forgive him, excuse him and pardon him; wash away his sins with water, snow, and ice; and make him as clean of sin as a white cloth can be made after it is made dirty. Please, Allah, replace his family with a better family, and the house he currently lives in with a nicer house.

Permit him entry into Paradise, which will serve as his permanent dwelling, and protect him from the torment of the flames as well as the punishment of death. Please, O Allah, have patience with his family and friends as they mourn the loss of their loved one, and grant them the courage and faith they require to make it through this trying time. Ameen.
Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and all of those who were close to them during this difficult time. May Allah (SWT) grant them the fortitude to get through this trying period in their lives.

Please remember the family of the departed person in your thoughts and prayers, and keep them in your consideration as well. Please understand that the purpose of these warnings is to serve as a gentle but necessary reminder of the reality that this planet carries.