Daniel Altman Obituary, Daniel Altman Has Passed Away

Daniel Altman Obituary, Death – The Williamsburg County Coroner’s Office has made a conclusive determination about the identity of the skeletal remains that were discovered one week ago. On April 19, Investigator Jalisa Brown asserted that the authorities responded to a place on McAllister Road in the Kingstree neighborhood after receiving a complaint that human remains had been located there.

She said this occurred after the authorities received information on the discovery of the remains. Ivori Henryhand, the coroner for Williamsburg County, identified the deceased individual as being 25-year-old Daniel Altman. Mr. Altman’s hometown is in Georgetown County, Maryland. According to the Williamsburg County Sheriff’s Office, there have been four arrests made in connection with the discovery of Altman’s burnt remains, which led to the conclusion that the man had been murdered.

The last time anyone saw Altman was on April 11 of this year, according to the authorities. Altman was reportedly on his way to Kingstree at the time three of the four guys who were detained attacked the victim and led them into an abandoned property off McAllister Road, where they shot him and burned his body nearby. The report states that Altman was on his way to Kingstree at the time of the attack. After that, the suspects allegedly stole Altman’s car and then got into a chase the following day, which was exactly one week before the remains were recovered.

This is according to the deputies who responded to the scene. In addition to the charge of murder, Jayvon Chattine, Marquise Mitchum, and Jakiel Chattine are all accused of taking part in a criminal conspiracy as well as destroying human remains, as well as committing a variety of other violations. During the course of the pursuit, deputies located Serenity Jackson sitting inside the Altmans’ stolen car. Jackson was a passenger in the vehicle. As a direct consequence of this, she is being investigated for either possession of a stolen car or the disposal of a stolen vehicle.