Dale Byl Obituary, Co-Producer at Lex-Vedda Has Died

Dale Byl Obituary, Death – Bev Byl and I have just finished our conversation over the telephone with one another. It was at her wish that I write this. The passing of Dale Byl took place the day before yesterday, and it is with a heavy heart that the family of Dale Byl communicates this news to everyone.

Kindly pay tribute to the person who introduced us by lighting a candle in their honor. My husband Stuart Vermaak, who is also his best friend, is currently spending time with him. He is currently hanging out with him. At all times, not just one but both of heaven’s guardians are keeping a watchful eye over us.

For everything that he has done, Dale has my deepest gratitude. Dale was a wonderful friend to everyone and was the type of person who always seemed to have a smile on his face. A popular choice among all audiences.

It is likely that Bev will share details regarding the memorial service whenever it goes place, if indeed it takes place at all. It would be good if you could send her a message and offer some support to both her and Dean. She is pretty sad and hasn’t slept, so if you are a close friend, it would be helpful if you could send her a note.