Coty Simmons Obituary, New Orleans, 33-year-old Woman Killed In Mid-City Shooting Identified

Coty Simmons Obituary, Death – Simmons is the name of the woman who was fatally shot in her vehicle on Tuesday at the intersection of North Broad Street and Orleans Avenue. Her father made the identification. The victim’s father, Lonnie Simmons Sr., identified his daughter as the 33-year-old lady who was shot dead in her vehicle shortly after leaving a petrol station shortly before 1 p.m.

on Tuesday. He stated that she had passed away on the birthday of her sister, Coty Simmons, who had been murdered in 2008 when she was pregnant. He also stated that his grandson, who was just one year old at the time, was in the car with Sully, who was 33 when she was shot. However, he declined to address the topic any further.

After receiving a call about gunfire in the 2700 block of Orleans Avenue, officers arrived at the location and located a lady inside a vehicle who had sustained several gunshot wounds. The woman was taken to the hospital by New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, but she did not survive her stay there. In addition, the authorities discovered a boy of two years old sitting in the trunk of the vehicle, and they said that the child was in no danger.

People who were gathering at the site reported that they witnessed the occupants of a white Nissan Altima open fire on the woman as she was exiting the gas station at Orleans and North Broad. These witnesses asked not to be identified but said they saw the shooting happen. A video filmed by witnesses after the shooting shows a woman slumped down in the driver’s seat of a silver, four-door vehicle with a child crying from his back seat behind her wearing little orange high-top sneakers.