Coralie Marken Obituary, USA Field Hockey Member Has Died

Coralie Marken Obituary, Death – Coralie Van Marken was a winner who never sought the recognition for herself; as a consequence of this, the community of USA Field Hockey is mourning her departure with a significant degree of pain. She was a victor who, despite her success, never sought the limelight for herself. She was a fighter who never wanted the spotlight for herself, despite the fact that she deserved it because of her accomplishments. She attended quite a few middle schools in Ventura County, which is located within the boundaries of the state of California, because she was so committed to the reason why she was going to school in the first place.

These educational institutions can be found dispersed over the county in their respective locations. She was able to educate a significant number of locals about the sport in question while she was there, which was really beneficial to the conversation that was taking place. Because of her, a significant number of the players that play for the United States players’ National Team had never ever touched a stick before they began trying out for the team. This is because she encouraged them to do so.

She was the driving force behind their decision to proceed in the course that they did, which was ultimately due to her influence. During this difficult time, USA Field Hockey would like to express our most heartfelt condolences to her family and share our most profound sorrow with all of those who were close to her.