Christopher Thorpe Obituary, Christopher Thorpe Has Passed Away

Christopher Thorpe Obituary, Death – Mr. Thorpe became the headmaster of Howick High School in July 1991 and stayed there until March 1994, when he accepted a position at a private school in Pretoria.

Mr. Thorpe’s entrance in Howick coincided with extensive changes to the structure and funding of the local school district. His knowledge and experience were invaluable to the institution as it made this change.

He emphasized academic achievement through initiatives such as the effort symbol report system and encouraged extracurricular activities like field excursions and leadership development.

He arranged seminars for the teachers and administration featuring well-known speakers. Mr. Thorpe’s contributions to the acquisition of sound systems, laptops, and wiring for the Ken Kyte field’s lights were crucial in introducing boys’ hockey to the school.

Early in his tenure, he referred to Howick High School as “a center of excellence in beautiful surroundings.” In 2009, Mr. Thorpe began teaching Geography at Howick High School, where he remained until retiring in 2014.

Many students and teachers were moved by his return to Howick High School, thanks to his infectious passion for the subject matter and the wealth of wisdom gleaned from his many years as an educational leader.

He was an excellent storyteller, and his officemates always looked forward to hearing his latest tale. He was a staunch traditionalist, yet his open mind and sense of humor won over many listeners. Mr. Thorpe was a big supporter of the Howick High School library because to the many volumes he donate.