Bryan Richardson Obituary, Greek Peak Supporter Has Passed Away

Bryan Richardson Obituary, Death – Too suddenly taken from us. Bryan (Boo) Richardson, who died on Sunday, rest in peace. Our hearts go out to the Richardson family, who have been instrumental in the growth of Greek Peak over the years. During this difficult time, our thoughts are with you. In 1978, he earned a Royal Television Society award for Men of Ideas, a 15-part BBC series in which he interviewed modern philosophers on their work, including Isaiah Berlin, AJ Ayer, Noam Chomsky, and Iris Murdoch.

A decade later, he returned to BBC2 with The Great Philosophers (1987), in which he spoke with key historians about historical figures in Western philosophy ranging from Plato to Wittgenstein. Both series’ transcripts were published in book form. Magee considered philosophy to be the most significant subject since it addressed problems concerning the meaning of existence. He also wished to save it from academia’s excessive professionalism and the sterile techniques of logical positivism and linguistic analysis.

Modern British Philosophy (1971) was based on his BBC Radio 3 series Conversations with Philosophers (1970-71); The Story of Philosophy (1998) examined philosophers’ thoughts across 2,500 years; and Confessions of a Philosopher (1997) was a successful mix of autobiography and analysis. He had a capacity for making complex ideas approachable and engaging to the average reader as a popular philosopher writer; his many books and television programs were never exercising in dumbing down.