Bruce Parrent Obituary, Retired Chief Of Whitecourt Fire Department Has Died

Bruce Parrent Obituary, Death – We were saddened to hear of the passing of Fire Chief Bruce Parrent (Ret.), and during this difficult time, we are keeping his family and friends in our thoughts and prayers. Bruce held the coveted position of Fire Chief of our organization’s Fire Department from the year 1992 until the year of his retirement in 2010. During that time, he was in command of our organization’s Fire Department.

He worked as a firefighter for more than three decades, devoting his entire life to the community service he performed in this capacity as a member of the fire department. He died while serving the community in this capacity. He maintained our commitment to our core values, which include professionalism and taking pride in our work, while at the same time demonstrating compassion in his role as a leader.

Bruce has never stopped considering Whitecourt to be his hometown, and he has never stopped thinking of the other first responders in our various emergency services as part of his extended family. We would like to offer our most heartfelt sympathies to his family, friends, and everyone else who had the privilege of working with or getting to know him during his lifetime. During this time, we had the honor of getting to know him through our work. We are thankful that we were given the chance to do either of these things despite the challenges we are currently facing.